Pumpkin Flowers

I usually buy a couple of small pumpkins during the holidays which I put around the house as decorations.  They just sit near my fireplace and table cuddled next to each other looking cute, until they get booted for Christmas decorations.  A few days before starting to prepare Thanksgiving dishes this year, I saw an ad for a Thanksgiving floral centerpiece using a ceramic pumpkin as a vase.  Tada!  My little pumpkins had a new purpose!

Here’s what you’ll need:

  1. small or mini pumpkins
  2. floral foam (I bought the block size)
  3. flowers
  4. sharp knife
  5. scissors to cut flowers

Soak your floral foam in water for about 20-30 minutes.  Make sure you buy the kind that will absorb water if you plan on using fresh flowers.  I mistakingly bought the wrong type!  Clean out your pumpkins by cutting the tops off and gutting all the seeds out.  My little guys were tough skinned, so it took some muscle to cut.  Next, Put your foam in the pumpkin and cut to fit.

Next, pick your flowers.  Some of mine came from potted plants from my yard, and I also bought some from my local farmer’s market.

One by one, clip a flower and gently push into the floral foam.  Add some greenery if you like.  I replaced my pumpkin’s little head back onto the pumpkin by attaching it with a couple of bamboo skewers.  The sharp side went into the top and the flat side was secured into the foam.

And there you are!  Pumpkins repurposed!  I brought one to my mom, the host of our Thanksgiving dinner, a mini one to a friend who’s birthday was was a day before Thanksgiving, and another went to my daughter’s boyfriend’s family.  The rest are on my table!