Menu for Christmas Dinner

Presents are under our tree, lots of cookies to munch on, egg nog and coquito to sip (that’s my glass with the sip mark)!  We are ready for a weekend of good food, drinks and family time!

Here is the menu I decided to cook for our Christmas dinner:

    • Pear and Pomegranate salad
    • Horseradish and garlic prime rib with mushroom gravy
    • Tofu with mushroom gravy
    • Scalloped potato gratin
    • Veggie (my mom’s menu choice)
    • Bread (my mom’s menu choice)
    • Bordeaux wine – lots!

    Recipes adapted from the following websites;

    Coquito from Always Order Dessert

    Pear & Pomegranate Salad from Inspired RD

    Prime Rib from Food Network

    Baked Tofu Steaks from Veggie Belly

    Scalloped Potato Gratin  by Tyler Florence from Food Network

    My taste buds are already watering.  Wishing you a wonderful, blessed holiday season!!


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