Ruby Red Cranberry Sauce

Cranberries seem to only make their apperance during the holidays. Bags and bags of fresh cranberries fill the grocery stores this time of year, along with prepared cranberry sauce and other “holiday only” fare like pumpkin pie filling and green bean casserole fixings.

These fresh little hearty berries are sturdy enough to be surrounded by a candle or placed at the bottom of a vase, which is exactly what I’ve used them for.

I never really liked this little berry, until I started making my own. Cranberry sauce would be on my grocery list during the holidays, and year after year I would buy a can and put it on our Thanksgiving dinner table for anyone that wanted it, but I was very ambivalent. I became quite amused watching the gel-like glop make it’s appearance, and took great efforts to keep my sauce intact by opening both ends of the can watching it slowly slither onto a plate. There was something intriguing about those cylindrical canned designed ripples on the gel that kept me looking forward to the next year of can opening. Then, one year I paid closer attention when my mom made her delicious sauce, and I couldn’t believe how simple it was! No candy thermometer or special cooling process needed! I finally learned that, besides adding color to candles or vases, which was all I ever used fresh berries for, this fruit’s purpose is to become a flavor filled ruby red side dish! I was reformed from being a yearly can opener, to becoming a fresh cranberry sauce maker!

It’s simple to make and you will love the way it tastes!

Ruby Red Fresh Cranberry Sauce (yields approximately 2 cups)

  • 1 cup juice (I used Trader Joe’s orange-strawberry banana juice, but orange or apple works well too)
  • 3/4 cup sugar
  • 12 oz fresh cranberries
  • 1/2 teaspoon cinnamon
Wash the cranberries. In a sauce pan over medium heat, add the sugar and juice stirring until the sugar dissolves. Add the cranberries and cook until the berries start to burst and begin to soften (close to 10 minutes).  Remove from heat and add cinnamon. As the sauce cools, it will begin to thicken. Cool at room temperature, then refrigerate.
Don’t wait until next year to buy fresh cranberries. More holiday festivities are on the horizon!  One great idea for this luscious sauce is to put it on top of baked brie, and serve with crackers as an appetizer.  Or you can blend it with cream cheese, form a cheese ball, and roll it in chopped nuts.

2 thoughts on “Ruby Red Cranberry Sauce

  1. Linda Valle says:

    I’ve always made my cranberry sauce like this…happy you stopped using the canned glop! ;o)

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